Wireframe Kit

Build your websites quickly & easily using 100+ Professionally Designed Sections.
This kit will dramatically increase your efficiency & provide you with solid designs to present to your clients.
The main goal for Wireframe Kit is saving the designer precious time & the opportunity to create sites fast. Sections all fit flawlessly together & are optimized for view on mobile and tablet, making site creation incredibly fast. We will keep adding designs to the wireframe kit overtime!

Foody UI Kit

A beautiful and flexible Oxygen builder design set.
Foody is a super powerful and easy to use UI Kit made for Oxygen builder. It allows you to create complete restaurant websites, coffee landing pages, coming soon, homepages etc in no-time. But don't sell yourself short, by swapping the food industry related images you can use it for designing websites for any niche.

It comes with stunning pre-made ready-to-go sections which make your life even easier to use it directly for your projects.
All the graphics included are free to use.